We say thank you!

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RHEMA Germany

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Our projects

You would like to decide for yourself what we use your donation for? Then choose a project for which you would like to donate. We are happy about every donation, whether project-related or general. Thanks to you, we can continue to build and take steps forward!

Our new website

The first milestones are already laid - our new website is online. 

So what exactly are donations needed for?

The development of a website does need to be paid for. While the first funds have already been received, some items are still open and more will come up.

All about printing

To go with the new website, we need new flyers and brochures. This will incur costs for design, printing and distribution. 

Around the campus

Step by step, we want to better equip our locations. This includes the necessary desks and their accessories, as well as T-shirts, rollups and stands for signage. 

Renewal of our Event Equipment

We show our presence! At various trade fairs, conferences or larger church services we are present with our RHEMA booth. To stay appealing we need new rollups, trade show walls, t-shirts, postcards and much more. 

Christ helps Christ

We keep meeting students who would like to start the Basic or Advanced Training, but can't afford the full amount. At the same time, we also get requests again and again to support new students. 

With a donation under the point "Christ helps Christ", you donate into a fund, from which we give financial assistance to persons concerned. 

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