I’ve been thinking about what changes took place in my life since I started Bible school. I couldn’t think of any major changes. But if there were no changes in my life, Bible school would have been in vain and that would not go with what I’ve learned. So I asked my brothers and sisters in my home group, whether they could tell about any changes.

In 2001 when I was in Iran, the Lord told me “I will teach you about my Word in two languages.” In the Persian language “my Word” has the same meaning as the Greek word rhema.

I was born in Brazil and came to Germany at the age of 20. What the Lord has done in my life through RHEMA and the wonderful teaching there is indescribable. Before I knew Jesus as the world “knows” him but today He is my friend, a family friend.

RHEMA was more than a school for me; it was also a therapy center (I mean that in a positive way). I called myself a Christian, I was in the church, I did a lot of things, and received a lot of wrong teaching.

I am so grateful for my time at Rhema Bible Training Center.

I received great Bible teaching, got encouraged, laughed a lot and found new friends. The classroom atmosphere was full of joy and love; the love of God, His Word and us the students. The most important thing for me was not information but impartation. Our instructors were living examples for me in word and deed. No matter what the subject was, the desire to run my race with excellence and to finish my course grew more and more in my heart as the Word of God was ministered to me.

My testimony begins with my spiritual heritage. I come from beautiful Franconia. I grew up catholic and have always tried to follow Jesus within my catholic faith. I really liked being catholic, was very active in the Catholic Church and deeply rooted. But then came a time in my life when my catholic foundation was very shaken by some circumstances. I was not able anymore to return to my familiar faith circles and experienced for the first time a real desert time.

I have now been studying at RBTC for about 16 months, and I am very thankful to my heavenly father for leading me to RHEMA. The things I have been able to learn there so far, have been very significant in my life. God’s Word and the truth in it, started a life-changing transformation process in me.

I am now 48 years old. Three years ago I came to know Bible School in a service. Even though I had the impression to go there, I did not do that.

After a while, because of the circumstances in my life, I knew that I was not in the will of God. After one year – after the decision to go to school – my peace came back.

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