The Rhema training program gives you an in-depth study of the bible and what God’s will is for your life.

Many believers would like to have a time of training and study in the Word of God for their personal orientation or because they have a call to be a minister.

RBTC offers a two level training with the possibility of qualified completion after each level.  The first level is known as ‘Basic Training.’ Once the student has successfully completed the Basic Training, then they can proceed to the second level, known as ‘Advanced Training.’

Both levels require the student to fulfill 100 hours of service in a practicum.

When both levels have been successfully completed, then the student can graduate. After graduation an alumni can choose to further their training or be ordained.  Those who would like to be considered for ordination need to prove themselves in the ministry for a time. You will find more information on ordination and licensing via RMAI (Rhema Ministerial Association International) here.

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