Will the courses offered be of any real benefit to someone who has already been in the ministry?

Yes. Actually, it’s those who have been in ministry who tend to benefit the most. Many of our courses cover materials that “We wish we would have been taught at Bible College”. The insight received will enable anyone who has been in ministry, no matter how long, to be far more effective.

I will have to work to provide support for my family. Is it possible to attend RBTC and still have time to work, study at RBTC, and still have a family life?

Yes. RBTC is now a part-time program, allowing you to continue work and family life, as well as do your studies.

Are there any requirements for attending RBTC?

Eighteen is the minimum age for acceptance as a student. There is no maximum age. Since we are not a theological institution we do not expect special educational requirements to be met. Rhema accepts students of all nationalities who speak, read and write either German or English. Non-EU Citizens need to already have a valid visa for living in Germany. The student needs to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and it is expected of each student that they live a godly lifestyle.

What if I cannot complete both levels consecutively?

If you are unable to attend both levels consecutively, you may return at a later time and complete the Advanced Training. Diplomas are awarded only after completion of the Advanced Training.

Is it possible to skip the Basic Training if I have already had other training or ministerial experience?

No. Regardless of your experience or training, everyone is required to complete the Basic Training program before enrolling in the Advanced Training. Our training is so specialized with the Advanced Training building on the Basic Training, that even having attended a very good training program previously, there will be too many aspects of the program that a student would miss out on.

Am I automatically licensed and/or ordained upon graduation from RBTC?

No. Graduates are not automatically licensed and/or ordained after graduation, but graduates are able to receive ministry credentials if upon application they are approved. After two years of full-time ministry and a recommendation by Rhema, RBTC graduates can be ordained through Rhema and become a part of Rhema Ministerial Association International.

Is RBTC accredited?

No. At this time RBTC is not accredited, but there are some institutions which accept classes as transfer credits into their programs should you wish to go on to get a higher education degree. Here you can read more about our Education Partners.

How hard is it academically?

We strive to minister to the heart of the student, not educate the head at the expense of the heart. Therefore, though there are some courses that will be challenging to some students, the goal is not primarily to get students to remember dates and facts, but to train them to be highly skilled ministers, who know how to depend and rely on the leading and empowering of the Holy Spirit. The written assignments and tests are merely a way for us to see if the class material has been understood and can be put into action.

Is it possible to take RBTC classes online?

RBTC classes are not available online. At RBTC we place a high value on live teaching; this allows the teacher to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and emphasize one aspect of the teaching in relation to the students in the class.

What do I get when I complete both levels?

Once someone has successfully completed both school levels (Basic and Advanced Training) they graduate and receive an official RBTC Germany diploma, which is recognized by most churches and ministries in Germany and by Rhema world-wide.

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